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ROARING FORTIES™ Aviation Inflatable Life Rafts

ROARING FORTIES™ range of Type I Aviation Life Rafts are manufactured from TSO C70a approved lightweight Neoprene fabric.



ROARING FORTIES™ range of aviation Life Rafts is from size 4 persons to 11 persons. They are all approved by to TSO C70a by CASA. They are essentially have twin buoyancy tubes with a self erecting canopy. The canopy tube can be deflated separately for evacuation & rescue purposes. Their respective canopies have the ability to withstand 52 knots of gusty wind and with a good sea anchor attached, the rafts will not drip drift significantly away from the point of deployment.


Special Features:

  • Circular in construction and has deep water pockets carrying lead weights for better stability. Circular rafts are noted for riding the cross waves better than other shaped rafts;
  • 2 entrance doors which can be closed. Only one door entrance has a boarding ramp attached ;
  • Interior & exterior lights ;
  • The canopy is self erecting.

The following are overload capacities of the ROARING FORTIES™ Aviation Liferafts:

  • ----- For 4 persons, the overload capacity is 6 persons;
  • ----- For 6 persons, the overload capacity is 9 persons;
  • ----- For 8 persons, the overload capacity is 12 persons;
  • ----- For 11persons, the overload capacity is 16 persons.

Aviation life rafts come complete with bailer, bellows, drogue, repair-kit and rescue line.

 Survival Kits to Parts 91, 121 & 135 are available for packing to rafts.
 Aviation Life Raft Pricing
Size/CapacityApprox. Dimensions (valise & standard pack)Approx. Weight (valise & standard pack)
4 Person640mm x 400mm diameter21kg
6 Person800mm x 400mm diameter25kg
8 Person800mm x 420mm diameter32kg
11 Person920mm x 420mm diameter38kg