162 A'Beckett St Melbourne



Kim Lim Aust. Pty Ltd's Car Park is managed by Safety Marine Australia Pty Ltd.

Kim Lim Parking operates a multi-storey car park in Melbourne. It is located at 162 A'Beckett St ,Melbourne CBD.  Noted for spacious parking lots and cheap parking rates. We believe that we offer very reasonable and affordable daily rates in the city. Our rates for a permanent reserved spot with 24/7 access  vary. They are always GST inclusive. These rates are subject to change. Rates on this Web page may not be the latest.

Weekdays day rates for casual parking until the car park closes at 8 pm:

Upto 1 hour $7

More than 1 hour - $13 flat rate

To view the car park operating hours click on the "Melbourne Car Park" link at the bottom of this page.

Casual Parkers are advised not to park on Reserved spots. Failing to observe this advice, will result in paying additional fees on top the day's charge. A fees of Additional $40.00 will apply.

Weekend rate is flat $10.00 for day time parking during car park operating hours.

If parkers were to leave their car overnight there will be an overnight fee of $15 per night, on week days and weekends. The overnight fee is applicable from the car park closing time and till the opening time the following day. For any extra time beyond this, on top of the overnight rate, day rate would also apply. Please note the car park opening hours.

Please note our car park closing times before you park. Day time parking refers to the period between starting time and closing time of the car park which can be viewed by clicking on the "Melbourne Car Park" link below.

Permanent or Reserved Spots

Vacancies are available. Please call office on 03 9555 5211 for monthly fee. Application form could be downloaded by clicking on the link below, complete the form and email to us.

Our Reserved spot policy - ie if you pay for a long term permanent parking bay, a reserved bay will be allocated to you. That allocated parking bayt is soley for your use other than on weekends where you are allowed to park on the ground floor in the unreserved spots. All is conditional to your account being up to date.

Melbourne Car Park

162 A'Beckett Street (cnr of Queen St),

Melbourne VIC 3000

PH: 03 9555 5211