All ROARING FORTIES™ products (Marine, Aviation & Military/Government) require service and maintenance periodically to ensure the integrity of the product.

Our lifejackets(PFDs) and liferafts are made to last . However , they need to be properly maintained and stored as instructed. As our lifejackets (PFDs) and life rafts are maintenance and repair friendly, we can perform the tasks at very competitive prices.

Hence, you may save substantially through your investments in ROARING FORTIES™ products.


The turn around time for servicing & maintenance is short & fast for both ROARING FORTIES™ life rafts and lifejackets (PFDs).

ROARING FORTIES™ products servicing and maintenance can either be carried out by Safety Marine Australia Pty Ltd or any of our authorised service agents across Australia.

NB: It is our policy to return all expiry items  or condemned articles to the owner if requested. If no instruction is given, Safety Marine Australia will dispose them safely.

Hours of Operation 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Mon - Fri