Battery Replacement Guidelines

SAFETY MARINE AUSTRALIA is authorised to replace batteries and service and/or replace activation switches in the products listed by ACR ELECTRONICS. No attempt at other repairs will be made. If an ACR product appears to be damaged, or we are unable to replace the battery per the instructions for that unit, we must contact ACR's Service Department. They will assist us  in determining the best course of action.

If you would like a quote to replace the battery in your ACR product please use our Contact Us Form

and Please State the Following

the Model No and the Product Number (P/N)


Model RLB-32

P/N 2775

P/N 2775NH

Model RLB-35

P/N 2742/2744

P/N 2742NH/2744NH

PLB 200/1

P/N 2797.2/2798.2/2798.4/2799.2/2799.4

P/N 2797.2/2798.2/2798.4/2799.2/2799.4 NH

PLB 300

P/N 2898/2897

Model RLB-36

P/N 2846/2848

Model RLB-37

P/N 2842/2844

PLB 375

P/N 2880/2881